The Meaning of Communion

January 15th, 2016

by the Rev. Janet Vincent

Yesterday I spent a few hours working on a benefit for Holy Cross School in Grahmstown, South Africa. The school is the work of the Order of the Holy Cross, an Episcopal Church (USA) order of religious men. In 1998 they were invited by Archbishop Desmond Tutu to come to South Africa to live, work and pray. Supporting poor children through education has been their primary work alongside their witness of prayer. So, on the same day that a meeting of Anglican Primates announced that the Episcopal Church should be sanctioned for our full inclusion of LGBTI people I worked on a fundraiser. Losing a voice at the high end conversations of Anglican life doesn’t change much. We will still reach out to serve human beings in need – here and abroad. The Children of the Cross (as they are affectionately called) will continue to be in communion with us and we with them. In my lifetime and in my ordained ministry I’ve witnessed a revolution of love and acceptance of my LGBTI sisters and brothers. Many of them paid dearly for their witness to love and their insistence on being seen in all their beautiful humanity. I’m content to be part of a church that is seen by some as wrong and even heretical. Rather than attack those who are so very threatened by us I choose to work on a benefit. Communion is the food of love and the manna in the wilderness that God has gifted us with. We are marching to the promised land, hand in hand.
And, by the way: the fundraiser is called, Valentines for Africa and takes place on, you guessed it, Valentines Day! We’ll be having a party at Holy Cross Monastery in West Park, NY from 5-8 pm. Come share the love and extend our beautiful communion. Message me if you’d like more details.