A Reflection on the Trinity


June 11, 2017 — First Sunday After Pentecost: Trinity Sunday

Rev. Alison Quin

Today’s Readings:

A Reflection on the Trinity

[By Alison Quin, read in three parts by Margaret Tully (A), Andy Lutz (B) & Elaine Young (C)]

A:  I am One and yet not One.

A, B and C:  We are Three and yet not Three.

A, B and C:  We are Divine Mystery.

A, B, C:  We are love.

A:  Before time, we were.

B:  A circle of love.

C:  We danced together, an infinite dance of giving and receiving, a dance of joy.

A:  Our love spilled over—that’s what love does.

A, B, C:  It cannot be contained.

A:  Our love spilled over and life began.

A:    I spoke and brought light out of darkness.

C:  I am the wind that hovered over the water.  I am the elements and the miracle that binds them together.

A:  I gave birth to the planets–I listened as the stars sang together for the first time.  I swaddled the earth with clouds to make a home for living creatures.

B:  I am the blueprint—the pattern you seek to discern.  I am the wisdom woven into everything.

C:  I am the breath of life in all creatures—seaweed and grasses, amoeba and starfish, blue whales, monkeys, all the species that exist or have existed or will exist.

A, B, C:  We rejoice in our creation.

A, B, C:  We made one creature. . .who could look back at us and see us.

A:  At least catch glimpses of us.

B:  A creature—no, a community of creatures–born to live together in love.

A, B, C:   We gave them our own freedom.

A:   So they too could choose to love and join the dance.

B:    In our own image.

A:  But genuine freedom means the freedom to reject our dream.

C:  The people we made didn’t always choose love.

A:  Sometimes they chose selfish desires instead.  That caused hurt and destruction.

B:   Then they were afraid and hid from us. They thought of us as the accuser and judge, the one that would punish them.

C:  We could not convince them of our eternal love and mercy.

B:  So we chose a tiny oppressed nation to be our messenger—to shine with our light—to set the world free from fear.

C:  You wonder why we chose Israel?

B:  Because they were small and weak and oppressed.  They had no illusions about their own strength.  They had nothing to lose.

A:  They cried out to us for liberation.  We set them free and led them home.

C:   Where they could join the dance again.

B:   And they did.

C:   But not always.

B:   How painful it is when brothers and sisters refuse to live together in unity!

C:   But we had another plan.

A:   From before time.

C:   Love always has another plan. Love never gives up.

B:  I was born into the world to show them how much we love them.

A, B, C:  Our mystery was made flesh.

A:  At the still center of the dance, our endless love was embodied in a vulnerable newborn baby.

B:   A lover is vulnerable without the beloved.

C:   The baby grew into a man that healed and fed and taught his people.

A:   He called them back to the dance.

C:   He spoke the truth no matter what.

A:   They were threatened and they killed him.

C:   We watched him die. We died with him.

B:   But love never fails.

A:   We raised him from the dead. And now they must know…

A, B, C:  That nothing can separate them from our love.

B: Not sin or fear.

C:   Not suffering or death.

A:  Nothing at all.

B:  They were born to be part of the dance.

C:   To share our joy.

A:  The dance never ends.

A, B, C:  Come, all of you, and share our joy.  Come and dance with us. Come and drink from the living water, and never be thirsty again.