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Capital Campaign Update

It’s been a little over a year since we concluded our capital campaignBuilding Community, Serving in Love

Our goal was a very ambitious $670,00 with a parish pledge goal of $400,000 (the balance to come from grants). We’ve exceeded our parish goal and have raised $122,000 in grants. We are grateful for every gift and we will continue to seek grants as we move forward. The finance committee of the Vestry has done a rigorous study of our expenses to date (campaign costs, architect and engineer fees, etc.) and the campaign building committee (The Rector, Wardens and Mother Janet) have interviewed contractors and upon their recommendation the Vestry selected Marbletown Restoration (Peter Sindt, owner) to do the work.

The Vestry is now arranging for a bridge loan from a local bank and our diocese so that we can move forward with construction instead of waiting until the end of our pledge payment period (July 2021). There will be a cost of $30,000 to finance the project but there would be (at least) a similar cost in delaying for two years. We’ve had to cut back on the projects we will accomplish this year and the Vestry has decided to move forward with these:

  • Electric upgrade
  • Repaving of the parking lot with additional spaces
  • Northside addition (This adds a new office, a large meeting room. For the first time in our history the Rector of CTK will have an office in the church complex.)
  • New ovens and ansul system for the kitchen

In the last year we have completed other projects: Renewed Sunday School rooms, concrete paving under the porch outside of Timmerman Hall, a renovated restroom (the second one to be done this summer) and the conversion of the food pantry into our lovely Beth Lewis meeting space.

We will have to add several projects for future completion. This was anticipated in our campaign materials and we will continue to look for grants and gifts. Those projects are: Sacristy/Choir loft redesign, full kitchen renovations, new septic and water systems to comply with Board of Health regulations for a “certified” kitchen, new windows and asbestos abatement (NB: Since our revised plan doesn’t call for removal of tiles containing asbestos we can safely delay this work.)

We have just under $400,000 to complete the work above and we anticipate receiving a couple of gifts (including an insurance policy left to us by the Rev. David Bronson) but, since these gifts are not in hand and their amounts are not certain, the Vestry has wisely decided not to include them in our working figure for now.

Peter Sindt (Marbletown Restoration) is now reworking his bid to find savings wherever he can and we will meet with him again in the near future. There is the possibility of some additional trimming. Our plan is to break ground on September 1 and to complete the projects listed in three months. That means our new addition can be blessed and in use before the end of the year. Our electric service will safely accommodate the needs of the parish complex. We’ll have ovens that are safe to use and an inviting parking lot that adds spaces and safety for all.

We remain grateful and excited for what’s ahead. God has blessed us with a renewed vision for what is possible at CTK and soon we will see that vision become reality. Please keep up your campaign pledges and if you haven’t yet pledged, it’s not too late! Thank you to all who have worked so hard and for several years on this major effort.

If you have questions please feel free to contact any one of us: Alison, Janet, Bob Mansfield, Tim Sweeney. We will update this report as soon as we settle on the final, final numbers and scope of work with Marbletown Restoration. Some of you know Andy and Linda Sindt (Peter Sindt’s parents). They are former parishioners who live most of the year in Florida. Andy is the contractor who did most of the work in CTK’s last renovation. We are delighted that this project will be carried out by folks who have cared about our mission and ministry for many years.

–Janet Vincent


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