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Capital Campaign Update

We hope to break ground this summer!

Christ the King is almost to the construction phase of our capital campaign.  Last year, the parish raised $422,445 for our capital expansion project, which includes an addition on the north side for office and meeting space, renovation of the choir loft and sacristy for safety and accessibility, upgrading our kitchen to commercial standards and expanding and resurfacing the parking lot.   In addition, we have received grant funds totaling $23,000, from the Diocese of New York (Mid-Hudson Board of Managers, Episcopal Charities and the New York Altar Guild).  We have also been awarded a grant of $100,000 from the Property Support Committee of the Diocese of New York, payable at the end of the project.  We also withdrew $50,000 from our endowment to cover the costs of the campaign and blueprints.  The funds pledged and/or received for this project total $595,445.

Thus far, the costs of the campaign total $122,722.  This includes the cost of the capital campaign itself ($15,511), architect fees ($61,396)and engineering fees and permits ($15,470), the renovation of the former food pantry, classrooms and bathroom, and the purchase of a new refrigerator and hood for stove ($31,969).

We have approximately $504,000 to spend on our projects.  The total estimated for all projects at the beginning of the campaign was $670,000.  So we may need to defer one of the projects.

Two contractors have submitted bids and we are in the process of collecting more information about each one so as to enable the vestry to make an informed decision.      The vestry will review the bids, decide which projects can be completed at this time and select a contractor at their June meeting.  We are hoping work can start sometime in July.  We will continue to post updates.  Many, many thanks to all who have made pledges and contributions to bring us to this point.

We believe that the added space and improvements to our buildings and parking lot will help us to fulfill our mission of reaching out in love to serve the community.  We hope to continue to offer our space to community groups, as well as to all who are seeking a spiritual home.   We hope to expand our feeding programs once our kitchen is complete.

We are grateful to God who makes all things possible.

—the Rev. Alison Quin


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