Christmas Day


December 25, 2016 — Christmas Day

Rev. Alison Quin

Today’s Readings:

[Audio is the Gospel reading followed by this poem.]

A Poem for Christmas Day

In the darkness of our cave days,

we huddled around the newly discovered fire

and offered sacrifices

to appease the inexplicable anger

of unknown gods.


In the darkness of today,

we huddle in our separate nations,

divided and fearful,

wondering if God

is still on the job,

if peace is possible.


In the darkness,

we fail to see

the light that has shone

from the beginning.

The light that shines in the darkness

and the darkness did not overcome it.


In the beginning, God spoke a Word

and brought forth

life and light,

a world of infinite beauty

and mystery,

woven in wisdom,

sustained by love.


God has never stopped

speaking this Word,

shouting it from the rooftops,

writing it on every leaf,

tracing it on our hearts.


One day, this Word became flesh

so we could finally see

and touch it,

a God with some skin,

a baby filled with God.

He came to be with us

to shine in our darkness.


A light to enlighten us,

to dispel

the illusion of

our separation

from each other,

from God.

A dazzling light


our forgotten kinship

with rocks, trees, protozoa,

and a million other

brothers and sisters.


The intricate pattern of this world,

the blueprint

is simply this,

our life

is God’s life

and God’s life

contains all life



Through the deepest darkness,

the Light shines,

to remind us:

Peace is our destiny,

love is our truth,

and hope is a doorway

into new life.


The Word

became flesh and

lived among us,

full of grace and truth.

From his fullness,

We have all received, grace upon grace.