Green Book movie, potluck and discussion Aug. 17th at 5pm

Please join us for a movie and potluck dinner/discussion of the film Green Book

Green Book is the story of the African American classical musician, Donald Shirley, and his driver, Tony, an Italian-American bouncer, who is hired to drive him on a concert tour through the segregated South.  The backdrop of the movie is the Green Book, which was a listing of safe places to stay for African Americans in the South during Jim Crow, and the center of the story is how a white man and a black man grow to respect, appreciate and care about each other as they come to know one another.  The driver is portrayed as initially racist, but he is transformed by his journey with Shirley.  Green Book won the 2018 Oscar for Best Picture and Mahershala Ali won Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Dr. Shirley.  There are powerful, poignant and humorous conversations and scenes in the film. Although the movie won the Oscars, many critics felt it was a safe, feel-good movie about race, at a time when we need to confront the reality of racism, and the systemic harm that it does to so many.  Come and watch the movie, offer your own thoughts about it and listen to others in discussion.  And bring a dish to share!

Saturday, August 17th, 5pm, in Beth Lewis.