Growth through Sharing 2

This is the second of four stewardship reflections by parishioner Martha Brittell.


October 25th, 2015

My visit to see family in Chicago last weekend was an opportunity for my sister Ruth and me to share a conversation with our mother which we recorded for family, especially grandchildren.  We listened to her clear voice, soft with memories.  She told us of how much she wanted to be an angel in the Christmas pageant.  As she described her costume, a white robe trimmed with silver ribbon and wings to tie on her back, I could see her blissful face with the other children from her kindergottesdienst (German church school) lined up in front of the altar singing Christmas carols. It reminded me of being an angel with a smile outshining the glitter on my halo and then, decades later, watching Enzo make new pageant memories for us both.

When my little family began attending Christ the King the liturgy was familiar but the faces were not and some things seemed strange.  The Maundy Thursday service introduced me to the ceremony of feet washing.  It was a new experience which became part of life with my new church family.  Soon, we became involved in the work of the church. Enzo organized boxes of Jello in the food pantry which was then housed in the basement of the rectory.  He attended Sunday School, served as an acolyte, and joined the youth group and church mission trips to Navajoland and Kentucky.  Having learned the joy of feeding others from my mother, I joined volunteers from the church and the community working in the food pantry as well as baking and cooking for fund-raisers and coffee hours, and becoming a part of the stewardship committee.  Our lives grew through our prayerful and joyous work in the church.    As we all continue to do the work of Christ together, with and for the members of the world community, we and our store of memories grow.  Those memories become part of the foundation of our lives.  Surely, we are blessed.