Growth through Sharing 4

This is the fourth and final reflection on stewardship by parishioner Martha Brittell.

Nov. 15th      

Walking into the house I heard Laurel’s voice leaving a message on my answering machine.  I didn’t hurry to pick up the phone.  It was that time of year and I had served on the stewardship committee last year so I knew two things. First, she was going to ask me to join the committee and second that I didn’t want to do it.  My feelings of discomfort when discussing financial matters had not changed.  I felt completely ill-suited to the task.  Laurel finished her message.  The machine’s light started to flash.  I needed to call her back.

I was sure that she would understand that my chemo left me with little energy for committee work but I knew that was a lie.  How could I say no to my family?  It wasn’t a burden, it was a gift.  It was a chance to do God’s work with caring, thoughtful, open people.  Slowly I began to allow myself to believe that I might have something to offer.  Laurel and Ryan thought so.

I found work that suited me when the committee decided to put a weekly message in the bulletin along with our prayer list.  I volunteered and found myself reflecting on my relationship with Christ the King.  Putting words to my feelings brought me some clarity and spiritual reassurance.  By composing and sharing those messages with my church family, I was able to experience growth.  Growth through sharing.

Thank you Laurel and Ryan for inviting me to serve.