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November Retreat Days: Riding the Rapids of Sorrow, Loss, and Gratitude.

   Riding the Rapids of Sorrow, Loss and Gratitude

A Circle of Courage Retreat


Saturday, November 3 and/or Saturday, November 17, 2018*

10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.



We warmly invite you to join a day-long retreat based on the work of Francis Weller, psychotherapist, writer and “soul activist.”

Any loss, whether deeply personal or one of those that swirl around us in the wider world, calls us to full-heartedness, for that is the meaning of courage. To honor our grief, to grant it space and time in our frantic world, is to fulfill a covenant with soul – to welcome all that is, thereby granting room for our most authentic life. From the Preface, The Wild Edge of Sorrow, by Francis Weller

The territory of grief unites all humankind, and according to Weller, we can enter it through one or more of what he terms “The Five Gates of Grief:”

  1. Everything you love you will lose
  2. The places that have not known love
  3. The sorrows of the world
  4. What we expected and did not receive
  5. Ancestral grief

We seek to create a welcoming, safe space, from which we may touch the deepest roots of our many losses with the support and compassion of community. Weller explains that the ultimate purpose in taking on this difficult and important work, this “apprenticeship with sorrow,” is to awaken and connect with our true selves, each other, all creatures, and the highest spirits of our universe.

It is important to note that the retreat is not a therapy or bereavement group – we do not advise or seek to “save” the other members of our group. Indeed, it is up to each person whether or how to share. Our group structure will draw from processes developed by Parker Palmer, Quaker author, educator, activist.

Saturday, November 3 and/or Saturday, November 17, 2018, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at Christ the King Episcopal Church, Stone Ridge, New York. (You are welcome to attend one or both days.)

Facilitators: Blaze Ardman and Nora Feingold

We ask that you obtain a copy of Francis Weller’s The Wild Edge of Sorrow, and read the Preface or read the Sun Magazine interview with Francis Weller prior to attending. Please mark any passages/parts that have ignited your soul, imagination or heart. Also please bring an object representing a grief you are currently holding.

To register, please call Christ the King Episcopal Church, (845)-687-9414. Cost: $35 per day (includes lunch). Participation limited to 15 people.

We look forward to sharing Weller’s powerful work with you. Thank you. Blaze and Nora


“…a rich and rewarding journey into our shared human experience of loss and grief…” Bob Lesnow, Accord, NY

To register and for further information please contact:

Christ the King Episcopal Church, 845-687-9414

Cost: $35 per day; scholarships available

foLimit: 15 participants

*Note: You are welcome to attend either or both days


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