We’re glad you’re considering celebrating your marriage at Christ the King. It would be a privilege for us to share in this great step in both your lives.

We welcome all those who would like to be married here–you do not have to be a member.  We support marriage equality, that the sacrament of marriage is open and available to both opposite and same sex couples who intend to marry and remain in a long-term, committed relationship.

Please contact the church before you set a date to make sure the church and the clergy will be available.

The following should also be noted:

• At least one of the parties must be a baptized Christian.

• A total of four sessions will be arranged between the Rector and the couple prior to the wedding–three for premarital counseling as you prepare to make this lifelong commitment, and one to plan the service.




DSC_6359• The “Declaration of Intent” required by the Canons of the Episcopal Church must be signed at least 30 days in advance of the marriage in all cases.

• A previously married person whose former spouse is still living must petition for a judgment as to her or his marital status from the Bishop of New York. This is done through the Rector. This process is simply the Church officially recognizing the end of the previous marriage and the desire for the person to begin anew.

• The Marriage Service is that of the Book of Common Prayer. Any changes in the service must be approved by the Rector.

• Clergy other than those from Christ the King may assist or officiate at the invitation of the Rector. Visiting clergy must conform to the laws of the State of New York and to these guidelines.

DSC00591• Decoration of the chapel or Church (including flowers) should be discussed with the Rector. It is customary to leave the altar flowers in the Church as a thank offering. This will be acknowledged in the following Sunday’s bulletin.

• Timmerman Hall (and our commercial kitchen) are available for Receptions. If they are used, a separate Building Use Agreement must be signed.



• Any photography or videotaping of the Service must not be intrusive. Flash pictures are not allowed during the Service itself. Video cameras must be stationary and not use any extreme lighting.

• We recommend the use of birdseed to throw after the Service if those who attend wish to follow that custom. Rice should not be used because it is harmful to birds.

• Rehearsals begin at the previously arranged time and last for no more than one hour. It is the responsibility of the couple to see that all members of the wedding party arrive on time.

• For members of the parish, there is no fee for the use of the church or the services of the clergy. A gift to Christ the King is an appropriate thanksgiving on the occasion of a marriage, as is an offering to the Rector’s discretionary fund.

• For non-members, there is a suggested donation of $150 to the Rector’s discretionary fund for the wedding and rehearsal, and $50 for each marriage preparation session (usually 3 sessions).  An additional donation of $200 is suggested to cover cleaning costs if the parish hall is used.  If these fees present a hardship, please let the Rector know.

• Music for all services should be arranged through Dan Young, the Director of Music. He should be contacted as soon as possible following the initial meeting with the Clergy when the wedding date is set. He is also the organist and  has the right of first refusal to play at all services. Guest instrumentalists and soloists may participate, but should be coordinated with Mr. Young.

• The fee for music is $150. This includes
a) consultation,
b) rehearsal,
c) playing at the service.